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There’s nothing quite like a shaded retreat [a gazebo] in your yard. It provides you shade, protects you from elements, and most importantly, it improves the aesthetic of your landscaping greatly.

A creative, well-designed gazebo not only looks beautiful in your yard but at the same time it also hikes up the value of the property instantly. And therefore, you just cannot overlook the design aspect of your outdoor oasis when you are building one.

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Gazebos come in numerous design styles, materials and sizes, not all are a perfect fit for your yard or landscaping. Before building yours one, go through below listed nice-looking gazebos to get the design idea that is suitable for you also reflects your taste!

1. Victorian Glam Gazebo

Deck up your yard with a Victorian Glam Gazebo and bring unmatchable glamour to it. The charming octagonal structure features wide corbel pillars, a vented cupola, and other spandrel intricate details to make it even more appealing to the onlookers.

2. Lily Pond Gazebo

Regions like Maine, Santa Barbara, L.A, and others have houses with beautiful ponds. And if you are living in such an alluring estate, you can build a small hexagonal gazebo at the edges of the pond to enjoy the serene scene in the evening.

Try to incorporate a few lily plants or other water plants in the pond to enhance the scene even more.

3. Outdoor Cafe Gazebo

Don’t be ordinary and boring!

Set your café in a gazebo to make it even more welcoming. The large size, wooden frame, and the intricate fence detailing on the sides make this outhouse the perfect place for romantic dinners as well as social gatherings.

You can incorporate a brick oven into this gazebo for even better convenience.

4. Gazebo With Covered Cedar Top

Build a cedar gazebo in your clean, well-groomed yard to enjoy the nature. The light, natural wood-colored frame along with the dark, double-vented top not only makes the structure gorgeous but relaxing for you. You can sip a cup of coffee or enjoy it with your friends while it shields you away from the sun or the rain.

Add a mini garden surrounding the gazebo to make it even more charming and soothing.

5. Fully Furnished Outdoor Oasis

When you are living in San Francisco Bay Area, it’s only natural that you would want to flaunt, as well as enjoy, the beauty of your outdoors fully. If you have enough space, build a large gazebo replicating the architectural design and materials of your house to match them perfectly. Try to fully furnish the structure [with sofa, a dining table, bar, kitchen, fire pit, and lighting] so that you can spend your days and nights outside enjoying the serenity.

6. Jenna Bayer Gazebo

Love minimal, modern gazebo designs? The “Jenna Bayer Garden Design” is just the one for you. Specially created for the houses in California and L.A, this Jenna Bayer gazebo features a super minimalist design with steel-engineered posts and shade sails for a clean, no-fuss feel.

Even though it is a fuss-free design, this minimalist yet modern gazebo still looks amazing in your garden.

7. Pool Cabana Outdoor Living

This elaborated gazebo near the pool matches your ultra-modern house properly. Adorned with colored lights and modern amenities, this outdoor living space is anything but ordinary. It will leave your guests awestruck every time you invite them over.

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You can equip an interesting gazebo with a kitchen, wine refrigerators, television, and other amenities to mix convenience with modern looks.

8. Clean, Mediterranean Structure

If you are living in the Mediterranean region, like somewhere in Santa Barbara, a clean, wooden gazebo with extra-large posts would be the perfect one for you. The redwood structure not only provides durability and resistance to insects but also offers visual significance to your yard. It is just the right outdoor structure you need in your Mediterranean garden.

To make the gazebo even more appealing, you can hang drapes of your choice on the metal curtain rods. Try to use muted color tones for the curtains for a clean, sophisticated outlook.

9. A Poolside Oasis

An outhouse beside the pool is just the perfect place to lounge with friends and family on a hot summer day. The dark-colored columns and straw roof overhead ensure an open design and make the structure suitable for both day and night gatherings.

Add a tea table in the middle and stack it up with foods and beverages for a perfect pool day!

10. A Gazebo With Swing Bed

Combine comfort, relaxation, and nature-viewing with this amazing gazebo with a swing bed. The wooden frame with a transparent roof is adorned with a large cushioned swing bed to offer you all the comfort while you enjoy the serenity of the surrounding.

You can add a few colorful cushions to ensure additional comfort.

11. Poolside House With Sitting

A pool house that overlooks a swimming pool is peaceful and serene. Use wrought iron and a fun-colored top to construct the structure so that it takes the center stage rather than just being an extension to the swimming pool.

Get inspiration from romantic French architecture and add a dining table and chairs and other sitting arrangements to this gazebo so that you can host casual gatherings, cocktail parties, and family game nights regardless of the weather outside.

Don’t forget to use appropriate lightings in your poolside gazebo to “up” your fun.

12. Gazebo On The Back Deck

A beautiful steel-roof gazebo can also be built on the back deck, rather than your yard. Construct a spacious structure on the back deck and make it an extended part of your house. From enjoying evening tea to hosting brunches and game nights, this gazebo won’t let you down.

Adorn your deck with more than a few potted plants for extra visual interest.

13. A Beach Paradise Gazebo

A gazebo doesn’t always have to be in your backyard. You can build it in the middle of the ocean too!

This small, cottage-like structure was built just at the edge of the sea so that you can enjoy the waves, uninterrupted. The strong lumber posts along with a wooden deck and hay-covered roof give the structure a very natural yet alluring vibe.

The long wood-constructed pathway makes it easy to reach the gazebo in case the waves reach the shore.

Decorate the gazebo with lights to make it even more beautiful, especially at night.

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14. Shabby Chic Garden House

You can literally turn your old, shabby gazebo into something chic and charming with just a little trick. Let yellow ‘Mermaid’ rose vines climb up the framework and cover the roof completely. This will not only provide you with incredible shade but also make the “unsightly” gazebo look more charming than before.

15. Gazebo In The Sky

Haven’t got a yard? Want to set a gazebo? Well, that’s not a problem. You can always set your gazebo on the roof to enjoy the surroundings while being in a shade. Made with durable aluminum and covered completely with strong glass windows, this outdoor structure gives you the opportunity to relish the surrounding from the top and feel like you are on “top of the world”.

16. Earthy Thatched Roof Gazebo

Bring in a very earth, raw vibe to your yard with this extraordinary thatched roof gazebo. Its hexagonal shape along with the tree pillars and thatched top works too well in the outdoor and gives a very “into the wild” feel.

Also, as this outhouse features a vented roof, you won’t feel the heat easily.

17. Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo

This spacious kitchen zone in your outdoor will give you the convenience of cooking while enjoying the view of your garden. Equipped with a stove, grill, smoker, and plenty of counter space for serving, this kitchen gazebo is the perfect one for you if you love hosting in the yard.

18. Gazebo With Privacy Screen

When you have a limited budget yet want to enjoy privacy in your outhouse, construct a gazebo with a removable screen on it. the fun part of this gazebo is that you can open and close these screens as you wish to enjoy privacy or the outside garden.

19. Roman-Style Gazebo

If you are a fan of the great Roman architecture, this romantic yet grandeur gazebo is the one for you. The large Roman-style columns topped with an intricately-designed iron top add a lot of definition to your yard and bring in a sense of romanticism to the surrounding.

Don’t forget to add a few vines to enhance the appeal even more.

20. Texas Living Outhouse

The feature that makes this gazebo stand out is its polycarbonate-patterned walls. Made with beautiful wood, this amazing wall pattern allows light to come through while keeping out rain and unwanted gaze. It provides a bit of privacy yet doesn’t look enclosed or congested.

21. Vegas-Style Romantic Outdoor Structure

This subtle and romantic iron gazebo is an attractive yet simple solution for your yard if you are looking for a lasting impression. The white polyester roof along with the matching see-through curtains offers just the right amount of privacy and light for a casual rendezvous.

Pair the golden posts with a touch of the planter to elevate the appeal even more.

22. Lovely Massachusetts Teahouse

A timber-framed cozy teahouse is everything you need in your yard for a peaceful evening. Designed brilliantly with minimalism in mind, this outdoor living space seamlessly blurs the line between man-made and nature, and help you to enjoy the surrounding quietly over a pot of tea.

You can add a few vines on its pillars to create harmony and peace in the place.

23. Bali Style Gazebo

Want an exotic look in your outdoor living area? Well, build a Bali-style gazebo in your property to enjoy the serenity and calmness you are looking for. The cottage-like structure with tile roof and a few curtains here are there brings in a small piece of the beloved Bali just at your doorstep.

24. Romantic Iron Gazebo

This romantic iron gazebo is a sight to the sore eyes. The intricate detailing on this outdoor structure along with the gorgeous white color is bound to grab the eyes of the onlookers.

Pair this structure with a landscaping design for an even gorgeous view.

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25. Strong Wrought Iron Gazebo

This iron gazebo is extraordinary. Flaunting a rustic red color and featuring an intricate design from the base to the roof, this iron structure, in the middle of your yard, adds just the required glamour to the surrounding. Incorporate a polyester, water-proof lining underneath the dome to keep harsh sunlight and adverse weather conditions at bay.

26. Gazebo With Vines

Turn your ordinary gazebo into something special. To deck up your gazebo beautifully with little cost, you can always add vines to it to make the structure pop up instantly. Rose vines or any other types of vine plants in the door opening of your gazebo make it even more welcoming and alluring.

27. Interesting Hexagonal Snow Gazebo

Build a hexagonal gazebo in your snowy outdoors to enjoy the white snow without feeling the cold. Constructed with wood and an insulated roof, this outhouse features paneled glass windows to trap the heat inside while you look over the white, snowy surrounding over hot chocolate. the lights around the roof panel and a heater inside the structure help you to keep warm and comfortable while you are inside it.

You can add a few sitting arrangements completed with furs and blankets to make it warmer and more comfortable.

28. Octagonal Outdoor House

Add layers of style to your outdoor space with this amazing octagonal gazebo. Decked up with large white panel windows and matching railings, this snowy-white gazebo offers both privacy and aesthetics to the users.

What’s interesting is its vented octagonal roof. It not only serves as a focal point but also ensures adequate ventilation when the windows are closed.

29. A Bamboo Gazebo

A gazebo doesn’t always have to be made from wood or concrete or tiles. You can build a beautiful, rustic structure with bamboo in your otherwise gloomy backyard to make it pop up too. It provides an eco-friendly shade to the user and is super relaxing and soothing.

30. Gazebo With A Deck

This “larger than life” gazebo with an attached deck surrounding it provides you extra space for convenience. The redwood, vented structure with the wooden deck provides a very grand, magnificent vibe to the yard.

Such monumental structure is suitable for a park or other grand spaces rather than your backyard.

31. Tree Log Teahouse

This fun eye-catching structure in the woods is surely going to enhance the appeal of the surrounding. Made out of logs of different trees, the picture-perfect gazebo also has built-in log benches and a tabletop to help you sit and relax while taking in the goodness of the nature around you.

32. Gazebo With A Fire Place

Make your winter evening even cozier and more comfortable with this amazing gazebo with a fireplace. The concrete structure along with a covered roof gives a very warm feeling while the built-in fireplace offers just the right amount of heat to make it the perfect place for winter gatherings.

Add lamps and lights to create a welcoming ambiance.

33. Curtained Wood Gazebo

Add layers of chic style to your outhouse by incorporating layers of interesting curtains to it. The draped curtains would not only enhance the appeal and aesthetic of the place but would also ensure incredible privacy for your guests. If you are looking for a romantic rendezvous in the middle of nowhere, you can always pull the curtains and make it a private place for you.

Don’t forget to add a rug to the floor for a warmer and cozier feel.

34. Asian Serenity

Satisfy your soul with a serene Asian-style gazebo in your well-groomed garden. The redwood structure along with the integrated screens and a sliding door provides just the right amount of shade and privacy. The frame also has built-in lights for additional beautification as well as convenience.

35. Soft Top Deck Gazebo

If grand and massive structures are not your thing, you can build a minimalist, soft-top gazebo in your back deck to spend some relaxing time over a cup of tea. This structure consists of a simple aluminum frame finished with a weather-resistant soft polyester top to provide you shade while not crowing the place.


You can install a few sitting arrangements and lamp posts to make it even more suitable for after-hours gatherings.

36. Ornate White Domed Gazebo

Want to install something fancy in your yard? Get this ornate white gazebo right now. Even though this grandeur structure is fit for a park or botanical garden, you can adopt a smaller version for your yard. Its very Victorian design with intricate wrought-iron details would make your yard the focal point of the neighborhood.

37. Modern Spa/Hot Tub Gazebo

Tired much? Incorporate a hot tub in your gazebo and turn it into a modern spa- right in your own yard. The relaxation of the hot tub and the privacy from your gazebo would create just the right environment to sit back and calm yourself after a long exhausting day.

38. Deluxe Enclosed Outdoor Room

If you are a sucker for privacy, go for an enclosed gazebo. Covered with screens, curtains, or glass, this outdoor design is one of the best we have come across in a while. This fully covered outhouse not only provides incredible privacy but also offers protection against sun, wind, and insects to keep you safe regardless of the weather condition.

39. Industrial Chic Outhouse

Adorn your yard with a sleek, modern gazebo. This never-seen-before design seamlessly blends with the natural environment of your outdoors and gives it a very chic vibe. Made of fiberglass and heavy-duty aluminum, it will make you feel in love with it instantly.

40. Simple Wooden Gazebo

When simplicity is your mantra, a simple, no-fuss no-mass gazebo is what you should get for your outdoor living area. Made from Western cedarwood [for durability as well as great looks], this outhouse features a simple yet elegant spindle to make it the center of attention.

You can add a few lanterns here and there on the framework to make it even eye-catching to the onlookers.

41. Fun Grill Gazebo

If hosting friends and grilling is your favorite thing to do in your leisure, a gazebo with a grill oven is your thing! This large open space with an alluring framework is equipped with a built-in grill and sitting area so that you can chill with friends while grilling your favorite foods regardless of the weather outside.

Add a swing to make the atmosphere even more welcoming.

42. An Extension To The Home Gazebo

45 Modern Gazebo Design Ideas For Outdoor - Gazebo Hub (42)

Build your outdoor living space directly off the house. It will not only extend the home’s living space but would also shield it from direct sunlight and keep the interior cool and comfortable.

To make the home-extended gazebo the right place for evening teas or for just sitting, incorporate a sofa set with a table.

43. Lighted Gazebo

Bring the party in your outdoors with this glimmering lighted gazebo. Perfect for Christmas and holidays, this lighted octagonal gazebo shines bright like a diamond in your perfectly trimmed garden. You can go crazy with the lightings or use muted, one-toned lights to decorate it perfectly.

Try to put light on the surrounding tress, bushes, herbs, and shrubs too for a “larger than life” effect.

44. Salvaged Wood Gazebo

Make an amazing gazebo out of nothing!

A rustic, simple outhouse beside the woods would bring a very earthy, natural vibe to your place. Constructed from the remains of an old, rotting deck from washed-up timber on the beach and a salvaged satellite dish, this rustic structure is a sight to the sore eyes.

45. Matching Summerhouse Near Pool

If you have a large property near the ocean, deck it up by adding two identical summerhouses for your leisure. Constructed with alluring round pillars and a bright red tiles roof, these gazebos are built right opposite each other to provide visual interest to your yard.

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Incorporate a few cane sofas in these summerhouses to enjoy the scene comfortably.

Wrapping Up

All these gazebo designs are suitable in their own way. And each has its own appeal and charm. However, don’t get carried away with an interesting design that won’t suit your outdoors. Pick a design idea that would perfectly match the yard and increase its glamour right away.


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