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By Jamie Irwin

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If you’re looking forgazebo lightsthen you’re in the right place.

Our experts spent 14 hours testing and curating this list of the best outdoor lighting for gazebos.

We love fairy lights, can you tell?

Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (1)

If you’re in a hurry, the Lighting Ever LED Curtain Lights are the most popular among our readers. We loved them too, they give that fairytale vibe to your outdoor space.

Let’s light ’em up!

Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (2)

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Top 3 Lights for Gazebos

Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (3)

Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (4)

Best Solar Gazebo Lights

Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (5)


19.7 x 9.8 ft

31 ft

7 metres / 24 ft

Our Rating


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Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (6)


19.7 x 9.8 ft

Our Rating


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Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (7)


31 ft

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Best Solar Gazebo Lights

Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (8)


7 metres / 24 ft

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Best Gazebo Lighting (An In-Depth Look)

Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (9)

1. Lighting Ever LED Curtain Lights

These fairy curtain gazebo lights are so popular because they have a wide range of applications.

They can be hung on anything you would like to create a LED wall effect.

Lights Everywhere, the brand behind the product hasincluded 306 LEDsto ensure there is plenty of illumination.

Examples of applications include windows, beds, stairs, curtains or attached to a roof of a gazebo (orpegola).

Pro tip: Make sure to install the lights in areas where there is very little breeze to avoid any problems with wind sway

The Curtain Lights from Amazon are a great way to add a touch of magic to any room or outdoor space. They come with 300 warm white LED lights, 6.6ft*9.8ft in size and have UL certified output and wire for safety.

The lights are waterproof and windproof, making them perfect for outdoor use too. With their easy installation, these lights will be sure to brighten up your home or garden in no time.

At the time of writing there isover 3,000 reviews with an average of 4.5 / 5. These are absolutely fantastic value for money and buyer reviews show that some have these working after having them for 5 years.

Lighting Ever are also a reputable brand which offer great customer service if you have any problems.

Highly recommended by our team, especially when usedwith hot tub sheltersto add a touch of elegance. We’ve got a video review of them coming to give you an idea of what you get for your money.


  • Easy to install – no tools or electrical expertise needed.
  • Durable, waterproof and windproof construction makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Bright and long-lasting LED bulbs provide a high-quality light output that is sure to add a touch of magic to any setting.
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  • Light strings are not extendable and the 6.6ft*9.8ft size may be too large for some areas.

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Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (10)

2.Bluefire 9.5m LED Ball Fairy String Lights

BlueFire 31ft LED ball fairy lightsare a different style of gazebo light and give off an extremely nice ambient light. If you’re really looking to illuminate your gazebo / pergola, you could even combine both.

Pro tip: Think about buying 2 sets, the bulbs are quite small.

Safety with outdoor gazebo lighting is an absolute must. Luckily, these are low voltage (31v) to prevent electric shock and IP44 waterproof rated. That said, please note that the transformer is not totally waterproof.

We love these LED ball fairy lights because they can be used anywhere (we’ve even heard of buyers putting themon a christmas tree!)

All in all, versus other inferior brands these feel high-quality right out of the box. They give off good illumination would be a great addition to most outdoor structures including gazebos and pergolas.

Even if you don’t use them as outdoor string lights, they make a fantastic addition anywhere in the household. Spend a little extra and get decent value from these Bluefire lights.


  • Low voltage (31v) = safety
  • Versatile
  • Easy to install and come straight folded
  • Includes remote & timer


  • Small bulbs. Bulbs are 2cm diameter (some buyers have said they appear smaller than anticipated)

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Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (11)

3.Lezonic Solar 7m LED String Lights

For our eco-conscious readers, here’s theLezonic Garden Lights. There are 50 LEDs on this and the batteries are charged in winter or rainy weather.

One of the more efficient models, with around 6-8 hours of charge these will work for 8-14 hours in the night.Also, the product lasts for up to 30,000 hours (3,750 days / 10 years)

Pro tip: Think about buying 2 sets, the bulbs are quite small.

Create a cozy atmosphere with 50 LED globe fairy lights. These 8-mode lights are perfect for any occasion, from romantic dinners to outdoor parties.

The upgraded solar panel and battery ensure more than 20% energy conversion rate and can be charged in the winter or rainy weather. With an IP65 waterproof rating, these lights are safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

Plus, they’re CE approved and come with a 12 month warranty. Enjoy up to 30,000 hours of lighting with Aaronic Solar’s 50 LED globe fairy lights.

Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (12)


  • Easily installed. Use cable ties if you’re attaching to a gazebo.
  • Cool white glow gives a nice ambience to your garden
  • 8 lighting modes
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 12-month guarantee


  • Some buyers found the lights slightly dim. It depends on the application.
  • May require more than 1 pack depending on how extensively you will be decorating your gazebo or garden with lights

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Buying Guide & Things to consider

Colour Temperature

Depending on what vibe you’re trying to achieve for your patio, lawn or garden – this can be an important consideration.

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Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (13)

You will find the majority of outdoor lighting products are warm white which gives off a relaxing ambience suitable for most scenarios. But we’ve spotted cool white is becoming more and more trendy as it gives a very clear illumination.

Solar or Mains Powered

Over the past decade, outdoor solar lighting has become very advanced and energy efficient. In some models, we find that the illumination output rivals that of mains powered.

Best 3 Gazebo Lights - Tried & Tested Gazebo Lighting (2023) (14)

At this point we should point out our team is biased towered solar powered lighting because we’re keen environmentalists.

We try to use low energy solar lights where possible and understand, realistically, that it’s not possible in every situation, so consider your own application.

And it goes without saying, consider how much sunlight your lights are going to receive. In quite a few parts of the UK, mains powered lights are going to be a lot more practical.

Waterproof IP Rating

This boils down to where you’re using the lights. Simply, inside or outside the structure.

A few of you have contacted us for recommendations on gazebo lights which would be used inside the gazebo. Then we would recommend the IP44 rated ones.

On the other hand, if it’s going to be exposed to the elements on the outside of the gazebo, use IP44 at an absolute minimum but our recommendation is IP65.


How do you put lights in a gazebo?

Different gazebos have different light requirements. The first thing to do is to become acquainted with the design of your gazebo. The two most common styles for outdoor illumination are standalone fixtures and string lights (corded or battery powered).

When inserting new bulbs, be sure they’re rated for use in wet outdoor locations. Remember that if you are using an extension cord, it must also be rated for use in a wet environment to avoid potential hazards from electrical shock.

Wrap Up & Discussion

We hope our guide has helped you make an informed purchase of string lights for your pergola or gazebo.

Now we’d like to turn it over to you:

What was your favourite gazebo lighting? Which one did you use?

Or maybe you have a suggestion for content that you think we should add.

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below right now.

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