From Heavy Metal to Live Streaming (2023)

Streamlabs: Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Matt Heafy: My name is Matt Heafy, I’m singer and guitar player in the metal band, Trivium.

I joined the band when I was about 13 years old in middle school. I originally tried out for a pop punk band before that in this band called Freshly Squeezed. We are Floridians, of course, it makes sense, a band like Freshly Squeezed. I tired out for them, didn’t make it in, I was super bummed out, kind of give up on playing in a band. And then a friend lent me this thing called The Black Album by Metallica. I had never heard it before, never heard metal before. I checked that out. I said this is the kind of music I meant to play. So I practiced nonstop for eight to ten hours a day and got pretty decent.

And this high school band singer came through. He said, Hey, do you wanna try for my band? We’re looking for a lead guitar player. My trot song was “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, walked in the room and all the high school kids were looking at me like, who is this little kid? What can I do? Well I played the song perfectly, their jaws dropped and I’ve been in the band ever since.

The original singer left the band, he said let’s split the songs in half, you guys can keep the name. I’ll start a new band name. And that was it. The rest is history.

Streamlabs: What initially drew you into the live streaming space?

Matt Heafy: I’d always been fans of streamers like Shroud and Dakotaz. And there was one show that we played in Spain where I met a YouTuber who came out. Actually there were several YouTubers that came out that day. Jordi Wild was one of them. And they came back and met us and afterwards I was like, man, that’s really cool that these guys do this for a living. We looked at their subscriber counts and were like damn, these guys are absolutely killing it.

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I said out loud I should start doing YouTube videos. And they said you should start streaming on Twitch instead. I didn’t know too much about the platform. I didn’t know much about the engagement perks or the chat room functionality. I used to watch Twitch on an old Roku TV App. So I started just playing PS4 with a PS4 webcam, a little bit of Overwatch, anywhere from like 20 to 30 minutes a day. And that was it. I’d interact a little bit here and there, was still impressed that people wanted to watch me. And from there, I befriended a couple people from Twitch because they heard that they knew I was in the band. I mentioned that I would love to stream more, but I have to practice four to six hours a day when I’m off tour. They said why don’t you turn the camera on for that. And the rest, ladies and gentlemen is history.

Streamlabs What kind of content do you typically stream?

Matt Heafy: Typically my channel is mostly music. It’s like 90 to 95% music. I warm up about an hour before the stream starts while I’m hanging out with my kids and doing some housework and cleaning bottles and stuff. I’ll get five or six subscriber requests for Trivium stuff. We’ll do like four sub, one non-sub song, and then a Trivium acoustic re-imagination of a song. From there we do a thing called Kiichichaos karaoke where people bid for five minutes on what song that I’m supposed to learn and I basically have to dedicate the rest of the day or however long it takes to perfect a song that I’ve typically never heard before. We’ve done everything from making Cannibal corpse songs beautiful.

We’ve taken Baby Shark and added screaming. I’ve done a lot of Lincoln Park covers, a lot of Slipknot covers, Avatar covers. We’ve done Celine Dion, Jeff Buckley, Sum 41, Blink 182, a little bit of everything. The most challenging cover to date was Logic, the suicide prevention hotline number song. But after that I grew a new confidence in rapping. I didn’t know I could do that before.

Thanks to streaming on twitch, I’ve become better at guitar playing, singing, frontmanship learning songs, writing songs.

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Streamlabs: How do you find time to balance being a kick-ass rock star and Twitch streamer?

Matt Heafy: It’s difficult at times keeping the two worlds together. But I’ve found that ever since they’ve been more linked and when I’ve made it more about the routine at home, rehearsing and staying up to shape with everything — on tour I’m able to stream everything as I go on the road. We’ve stream every single show, every single soundcheck , every single warm up, I’ll stream Brazilian Jujitsu sometimes too.

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Streamlabs: Is there a big heavy metal community on Twitch?

Matt Heafy: Thankfully I’ve seen a lot more guys in metal bands coming out and starting to stream, which is really cool. I love Fortnite. Fortnite is the only game I really stream anymore. But I’ve noticed that metal kids do not like Fortnite.

But Joe Bad, one of my favorite singers from one of my favorite bands, Fit For An Autopsy, he streams now. We’ve got dudes from all sorts of bands coming in now. We have a team called Metacore, where you can kind of come and see all the band guys that we’ve been able to reach out to and bring in. Herman lee is a big shredder streamer. He has an amazing channel. Alot of really great musicians that are signed and unsigned.

I always try to make it a point to raid upcoming music streamers, fellow teammates, band guys streamers. It’s definitely growing

Streamlabs: Has streaming on Twitch allowed you to reach people that may not have necessarily found you on their own?

Matt Heafy: Streaming on twitch has been crazy. I was able to write the Shroud theme song. I reached out to him. I know he likes trivium. I said, “Hey, I’d love to write you a song”. He said, “let’s do it”. So, he came and hang out in the chat. Sent him the song afterwards, which he’s been using, called Shroud of Chaos, it’s a really killer song.

Dakotaz and I have become really good buddies and we’ll play fortnight. He’s got an amazing community. A lot of his community was kind of unaware of what metal was and now they all know what it is, which is really cool.

It’s unbelievable to be able to play with one of my favorite streamers in the world, with my favorite game in the world. Shout out Dakotaz.

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Streamlabs: Did you ever think streaming your practice sessions would be so well received by the Twitch community?

Matt Heafy: I never imagined that people would want to watch me warm up and do ridiculous vocal exercises and make silly faces and have vocal cracks and still come every single day and watch the channel grow and grow with essentially the same thing. People like to see someone genuinely loving what they do and crushing at what they do.

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That’s the attraction for me. Like watching these guys who are so unbelievable at games that I love. That’s what’s entertaining. So I was trying to figure out what’s my game for this. Oh yeah — This thing I’ve been doing for 20 years. Trivium. So let’s show people this thing that I’m actually really good at that I love to do and I feel like even if someone isn’t into metal at all and doesn’t like our music, they’re still going to have a good time here.

Streamlabs: Has live streaming led to any opportunities that you didn’t imagine being a part of prior to your streaming career?

Matt Heafy: What’s been crazy for me is like I grew up playing video games. I beat Mario while I was still speaking Japanese with my mom when we first immigrated over from Japan. My dad was a marine so it was just kinda the two of us and I was watching anime, speaking Japanese, and playing games. I never imagined the two worlds melding so much because I’ve always loved games and I’ve obviously loved metal. I feel like metal and video games are meant for the underdog. They’ve always been for the outsider. And it’s really cool to see those two things growing and growing kind of together. Phase Temper, a good buddy of mine, we’re talking about making some music together. He sang on our last record, he’s sang on The Sin and the Sentence, which is really killer. I think he was on like two or three of the songs, and we keep in touch.

Being able to write Shroud a song and play games with Dakotaz. It’s been fun trying to embrace and try to help bring up other streamers. I’ve been making a point to really at the end of every single stream raid a smaller up and coming streamer, or a friend who is a mod or, a female streamer, or a musician streamer. And I feel it’s unfortunate we need to say this, but I feel like we do need to say this, we need to be treating female streamers the same way male streamers are treated. And that’s a big thing with me. I make sure that I collab and play games with female streamers and male streamers alike and bring up the whole community because when everyone does well, and when you support everyone, we all succeed. I feel like that’s the attitude that needs to be there on Twitch.

Streamlabs Have video games inspired the music you are making in any way?

(Video) Forza Horizon 2 And Chill Stream (re-up) | Reviewing Heavy Metal (1981) #RetroGamer #Vintage

Matt Heafy: Video Games have always inspired music for me. I mean, we have a song called The Calamity. It’s not about Jenova, but I got the idea of that from Final Fantasy Seven. I have a song called Strife. It’s not about Cloud Strife, but obviously, you know, got the idea from there. I’ve always felt that metal and games are very into the folklore of the fantasy world. They can go there at times, which is cool. They can get kind of Game of Thrones-y, Lord of the rings-y in their subject matter for games and for music, for metal particularly. And I feel like gaming and metal are both so technical. Pop music, it’s a science. It’s about knowing exactly what people like and just going exactly for that. But with metal and games, I feel like it’s about displaying what technicality and what kind of the deeper recesses of the brain need to be there to create something really special. So it’s really cool to see those two living symbiotically.

Streamlabs Is there a particular tool or feature from Streamlabs that you couldn’t live without?

Matt Heafy: With Streamlabs, everything is built in. That’s what I love. I don’t like to have all these scattered things. I like everything to make sense, to be minimal, to not be overly difficult. I’m not a tech person. I’m not great at that stuff. I’m good at guitar gear, but I’m not great at the PC. I’ve only been playing games on a PC for the last year and a half, thanks to Asus. I tweeted them one day, I was like your laptops are pretty sweet and then they’re like, alright, you want to become one of our streamers? So thanks to them. I got my first PC, I’d never owned a PC in my life. I’ve always used the other company, but that company cannot game and I thank them for that.

From Heavy Metal to Live Streaming (3)

I’m blown away about how Streamlabs does merch. Once they make their costs back, the rest of the proceeds go to the streamer. That’s pretty big. That doesn’t happen much in music, ladies and gentlemen. Musicians have it a little bit rougher. I know from firsthand experience. Thankfully nowadays we’ve got a really good deal with a really good label.

I love it that in Streamlabs, it is streamlined. Merchant integrations, the face masks, the donation function is all in there. Having a main homepage where everything is integrated. I think the fact that everything is integrated, it’s all there. And now Streamlabs gives back with the Giveaways. They’ve always been super helpful to me whenever I’ve had an issue or if we try to work something out and building this kind of stream is very specific because there’s not much like it. So it’s been amazing to see how a program like Streamlabs can just kind of wrap itself around whatever it calls for. I love that everything’s integrated and it’s made streaming so much easier.

Streamlabs Do you have any advice to musicians thinking about live streaming?

Matt Heafy: My advice to musicians who want a stream, play games for fun on stream. Don’t play games with the intent that you’re going to become the next best gamer in the world because, my friends, we’ve got our other crafts to keep on top. So I recommend you stream your practices. Show people and bring your audience into see that side of you that they don’t get to see when they see you on stage. And then stream some shows, stream some practices. And when you want to go to games, play games for fun, don’t try to become the next esports king because if you’re in an active band, you need to be the king of that and keep that craft at the top. That’s what I realized. I was thinking when I first started, that I need to become like an esports prodigy and I need to crush at games. It’s not going to happen. It’s not realistic for the amount of time that the pro gamers and the pro streamers are able to put in and they’re able to put in this six to eight to 10 to 12 hours a day and they’d been doing that since there are 13. Whereas us musicians, we’ve been doing those hours for music since we were 12 and 13 and we need to keep up with that.

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Why do I have to wait 24 hours to live stream on YouTube? ›

Go to to add your phone number and receive a verification code. That's it; your YouTube account has been verified! (If only it were this simple on other sites.) After verification, it will take 24 hours for your account to be activated for livestreaming.

What equipment is needed for live streaming? ›

What equipment do you need to live stream? Building a streaming setup for beginners is pretty simple. You'll need a camera, mic or microphone, lighting, and a stable internet connection. You'll also need to get your (digital) hands on some live streaming software.

What bitrate should I stream at YouTube? ›

For most people, the optimal YouTube live stream settings look like this: Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080p) FPS: 30 fps or 60 fps. Video bitrate between 3,000 and 6,000 Kbps.

How do I increase my bitrate? ›

Table of Contents
  1. Invest in High-Quality Live Streaming Equipment.
  2. Optimize Your Live Encoder Settings.
  3. Use a Professional Online Video Platform.
  4. Choose a Powerful CDN.
  5. Use a Reliable Internet Connection.
  6. Transcoding and Multi-Bitrate Streaming.
  7. Choose the Optimal Resolution.
  8. Test Thoroughly.
May 25, 2022

How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day? ›

How to Get 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  1. Break Your 1,000-Subscriber Goal Into Small Chunks. ...
  2. Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Videos. ...
  3. Identify Which Videos Attract the Most Subscribers. ...
  4. Place a YouTube Subscribe Link in Video Descriptions. ...
  5. Do a YouTube Collab to Reach New Viewers.
Feb 11, 2022

What happens if you stream more than 12 hours on YouTube? ›

What is YouTube's live stream time limit? There's no limit, the archived video will just be split up into different videos every 12 hours.

How much does a good streaming setup cost? ›

How much does a good streaming setup cost? The answer to this question will depend on your budget, the audiovisual quality you want and how seriously you'll be taking your game streaming. It can range anywhere from around $500, if you already have a gaming PC, to $1,500 and up if you want high-end gear.

What happens if bitrate is too high? ›

What happens if my bitrate is too high? High bitrate means higher quality video, but it also means your video file will be much larger. The larger the file, the more likely it is that your viewers may experience buffering issues.

What is a good bitrate for 1080p? ›

Recommended video bitrates for SDR uploads
TypeVideo Bitrate, Standard Frame Rate (24, 25, 30)Video Bitrate, High Frame Rate (48, 50, 60)
8K80 - 160 Mbps120 to 240 Mbps
2160p (4K)35–45 Mbps53–68 Mbps
1440p (2K)16 Mbps24 Mbps
1080p8 Mbps12 Mbps
3 more rows

What is the highest bitrate for 1080p? ›

Many cameras today that record in HD allow a user-adjustable bitrate, from 6 mbps (megabits per second) to 24 mbps. Semi-pro caneras (like the Sony PXW-X70) have options for 50 and even 100 mpbs.

What causes poor video streaming? ›

Internet buffering problems are usually caused by one of three issues. Your internet connection is too slow to keep up with the incoming data. The streaming provider can't send your device the data it needs fast enough. Your home Wi-Fi network is slowing things down.

What bitrate do professional streamers use? ›

The bottom line. Professional gamers need an internet connection that guarantees speeds at least 6-8 Mbps to give fans a high-quality streaming experience on Twitch, with higher speeds recommended for higher quality settings and bandwidth overhead.

How do I make my stream smoother? ›

Downscaling your resolution in Settings > Video is a good way to ensure you're downscaling so many pixels. If you downscale your resolution down from say 1080p to 720p it means that your CPU only has to encode your stream at 720p, which is only half the pixels.

How much money does 10k subs make? ›

$200 per video for a YouTuber with 10,000 subscribers. $2,000 per video for a YouTuber with 100,000 subscribers. $20,000 per video for a YouTuber with 1,000,000 subscribers.

Which videos attract the most subscribers? ›

If so, here's a handy list of ten types of video content that will attract more views.
  1. Product Videos. Product videos create an emotional connection between a product and consumers. ...
  2. Interviews. ...
  3. Explainer Videos. ...
  4. Testimonials. ...
  5. Tutorial Video Content. ...
  6. Reviews. ...
  7. Vlogs. ...
  8. Webinars.
Jun 10, 2022

How much money do you get for 1 view? ›

According to a variety of sources, YouTubers can make anywhere between $0.01 to $0.03 per view with AdSense, with an average of $0.18 per view. However, the amount of money will pay depends on a variety of factors, such as: The number of views your video receives. The number of clicks an ad receives.

How long should you stream per day? ›

How Long Should Your Streams Be? Your streams should be at least 3 hours long, and even longer if you can continue streaming with high energy after 3 hours. 3 hours is enough time to get in the flow of the stream and allow others enough of a window to stop by and visit your stream.

How do you get monetized on YouTube without 1000 subscribers? ›

That leads some people to wonder, “Can I get monetized on YouTube without 1,000 subscribers?” And the answer is yes. In 2022, there's more than one way to fund your YouTube channel.
2. Paid YouTube Sponsorships
  1. Pitch brands via email. ...
  2. Network on social media. ...
  3. Highlight your YouTube resume. ...
  4. Use technology.
May 6, 2022

How many hours should I stream daily? ›

The ideal stream length is between three and four hours.

Even if you do everything above right, there's no guarantee that you'll find new viewers.

Do I need a 4K camera for streaming? ›

Streaming in 4K won't make a huge difference for most of your viewers compared to a 1080p camera, since some monitors and websites max out at 1080p support and will automatically downscale 4K.

How do I become a streamer? ›

What do you need to become a gaming streamer?
  1. Create a channel.
  2. The right items.
  3. A powerful PC.
  4. Choose a game capture.
  5. Customize your stream.
  6. Stable internet connection.
  7. Interaction with your audience.
  8. Nice gaming gear.
Sep 6, 2022

How big should my camera be on stream? ›

Twitch recommends minimum dimensions of 200 x 200 pixels, with a maximum of 256 x 256 pixels. We suggest using 256 x 256, if possible, to ensure the highest image quality possible – anything over this size and Twitch will automatically scale down your image.

What is the most profitable streaming service? ›

The most profitable streaming service is Netflix, with annual revenue of $30 million.

How many streaming services does the average person pay for? ›

U.S. users have an average of four streaming service subscriptions, according to the Deloitte Digital Media Trends Study. Another study found that 7% of Americans have six or more streaming subscriptions.

Is streaming worth the money? ›

Streaming service can be cheaper than cable, but it's not cheaper to pay for all of them at one time. The small monthly fees can quickly add up, bringing you right back to paying more for television service. Sticking with one service may be a good choice, but there are other options, as well.

Can you make money from live streaming? ›

Most live streaming platforms and websites allow you to make money by letting viewers send you donations or tips. They usually have integrated services or even their own virtual “goods” or “currencies” viewers can use for the transaction.

Which app gives money for live streaming? ›

As a result, twitch has grown to be the most popular streaming platform worldwide. Twitch creates a variety of monetised opportunities to perform. Streamers make a living with the revenue and commission earned from sponsorship, affiliate links, donations, subscriptions, Partners Programs, etc.

What can replace live stream? ›

Table of Contents
  • Dacast.
  • Brightcove.
  • StreamShark.
  • IBM Cloud Video.
  • JW Player.
  • Kaltura.
  • Muvi.
  • Panopto.
Aug 19, 2022

What bitrate is 4K? ›

High-resolution 4K video encodes at 2160p and has a bitrate between 44 and 56Mbps on a low frame rate and 65 to 85Mbps with a high frame rate.

What is the highest bitrate ever? ›

The highest quality MP3 bitrate is 320 kbps at 16 bit. You can encode MP3s as low as 96 kbps. MP3s use a compression codec that removes frequencies while trying to preserve as much of the original recording as possible. This does result in a reduction in sound quality but also a big reduction in file size.

What is a good bitrate for 1080p 60fps? ›

If you're going for the peak quality stream at 1080p and 60 fps, you will need a bitrate of at least 4,500 kbps. And depending on the overall strength of your Internet connection, you should be able to increase that to 6,000 kbps for better streaming performance.

Is it better to stream 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps? ›

720p at 60fps vs 1080p at 30 fps- If you are recording any sports or anything where objects move fast then 720 at 60 fps is better but if you don't have the restriction on the speed of moving object then go for 1080 at 30 fps. 720 at 60 vs 1080 at 60 - 1080 at 60 fps is better.

Should I stream at 60 or 30fps? ›

Most online streaming platforms will back 60fps. At a minimum, you should try to stream video content at least at 30fps. As with video resolution, frame rates affect video bandwidth requirements. Video content with a higher frame rate has more data to transmit compared to a video with a lower frame rate.

Should I stream in 1080p or 720p? ›

If you take nothing else away from this article, remember this: unless you're using HEVC, or both you and your viewers have very high internet bandwidth, your perceptual video quality will almost certainly be better at 720p than at 1080p.

How do I know my bitrate for streaming? ›

Your internet speed is key to determining what bitrate options you have. Head to Ookla Speed Test (, run a quick test and record your results. Your download speed is handy to know, but what you're really interested in is your upload speed which is measured in Mbps.

Does higher bitrate mean better quality? ›

Bitrate is the term used to describe the amount of data being transferred into audio. A higher bitrate generally means better audio quality.

Does higher bitrate mean better video quality? ›

Bitrate is the amount of data encoded for a unit of time, and for streaming is usually referenced in megabits per second (Mbps) for video, and in kilobits per second (kbps) for audio. From a streaming perspective, a higher video bitrate means a higher quality video that requires more bandwidth.

How do I improve streaming performance? ›

Here's some things you can do to achieve that:
  1. Close other applications and programs. ...
  2. Pause the stream for a few moments. ...
  3. Reduce video quality. ...
  4. Speed up your internet connection. ...
  5. Remove other devices connected to your network. ...
  6. Update graphics card drivers. ...
  7. Try a wired Ethernet connection. ...
  8. Clean up your browser settings.
Jan 30, 2020

Does Faster internet improve streaming? ›

Higher-resolution streams consume more bandwidth, therefore higher resolution videos require faster internet. If you try to stream a high-resolution video with a slow internet connection, your stream may lag or become choppy.

What affects streaming quality the most? ›

Perhaps the most significant influence on video quality is the speed of your network. If you have a fast network, you will be able to live stream with low latency and without experiencing a drop in image quality.

Why does my stream look blurry? ›

Now if your stream is pixelated, this means the bitrate is too low. If you have the bandwidth you can increase the bitrate, but if you don't you will have to reduce your streaming resolution and frame rate.

What WIFI do streamers use? ›

The best internet connection for livestreaming is fiber. To livestream, you need a reliable connection with good upload speeds and low latency. In all three of those categories, fiber-optic connections are by far the best option.

Do streamers play on 1080p? ›

I mean a large majority of esports players use 1080p, major streamers like timthetatman, summit1g, ninja all use 1080p. What don't they use 1440p, their pc's can definitely run it.

How can I stream without lag? ›

How to fix lag while streaming on a mobile device
  1. Strong internet connection: ...
  2. Close other apps: ...
  3. Adjust your stream settings: ...
  4. Restart your device: ...
  5. Changing the resolution: ...
  6. Reach out to customer support: ...
  7. Try different networks. ...
  8. Update your graphics card drivers.
Apr 10, 2022

Why is my live stream so choppy? ›

Laggy livestreams are usually caused by one of two things: you're either having a problem with your internet connection or you're overloading your computer. When possible, you should be streaming using a wired connection. Plug that ethernet cable directly from your modem to your computer.

Why does my stream look so choppy? ›

To fix it, try: Improve your Internet connection (use ethernet, upgrade bandwidth, stop unnecessary network usage, or update your network device). Lower down the frame rate, bitrate, and resolution in your stream settings. Use dynamical changing bitrate in network settings.

› gaming › how-to-cho... ›

Do you want to know the best bitrate for streaming to Twitch or YouTube. Read through this detailed guide and you'll have the answers you need.
Live streaming is one of the most effective ways of connecting with friends, fans, and customers. They key to making your live streams professional isn't ju...
Many individuals perceive video resolution as the only essential factor affecting video quality. Well, this statement may not be correct. Other elements, like v...

How long does it take to enable live streaming on YouTube? ›

On your phone or tablet, open the YouTube app. Go live. Starting your first live stream may take up to 24 hours. Once enabled, you can live stream instantly.

How long does it take for YouTube to process a live stream? ›

Assuming that your video fits the bitrate and format recommended for YouTube and your internet upload speed is 20 Mbps, the estimated time your video should take to be fully processed is of: 1 Minute 1080p Video (30fps): 30 seconds. 1 Minute 1080p Video (60 fps): 30 to 45 seconds.

How long is YouTube live stream delay? ›

In most cases, you will want to stream with Normal Latency, which results in a 15 to 60 second delay, depending on your bandwidth. Low Latency will result in a 5 to 15 second delay, and Ultra-Low Latency will result in a delay of 2 to 5 seconds.

How long is YouTube timeout on live? ›

Timeouts allow you to temporarily prevent someone from sending messages in live chat. When you put someone in timeout, they won't be able to send messages for five minutes.

How do you get monetized on YouTube without 1000 subscribers? ›

That leads some people to wonder, “Can I get monetized on YouTube without 1,000 subscribers?” And the answer is yes. In 2022, there's more than one way to fund your YouTube channel.
2. Paid YouTube Sponsorships
  1. Pitch brands via email. ...
  2. Network on social media. ...
  3. Highlight your YouTube resume. ...
  4. Use technology.
May 6, 2022

How long should your live stream be? ›

Twitch recommends your streams be at least 2 hours long and no less than 1 hour long. Twitch has found that streaming at least 2 hours gives you enough time to get going as a streamer and for other people to find your streams.

How many subscribers do you need on YouTube to get live? ›

At least 50 subscribers. No live streaming restrictions within the last 90 days on your channel. To verify your channel. To enable live streaming.

Do you get paid on YouTube for going live? ›

You can earn revenue on live streams by enabling ads and using Super Chat. Some channels have access to channel memberships. If the player is embedded on an external site with auto start, ads will be disabled.

How long does a YouTube video have to be to make money? ›

Best YouTube video length for monetization

First of all, there is no minimum length for monetizing videos. But for optimal revenue sakes, make your video is at least 8 minutes, because you can place extra mid-role ads in the video.

How fast is live streaming growing? ›

In 2020, users worldwide spent more than 480 billion hours watching live streaming content on mobile apps, and global engagement is projected to increase by around 14 percent, reaching 550 billion hours watched in 2021.

How can I stream without lag? ›

How to fix lag while streaming on a mobile device
  1. Strong internet connection: ...
  2. Close other apps: ...
  3. Adjust your stream settings: ...
  4. Restart your device: ...
  5. Changing the resolution: ...
  6. Reach out to customer support: ...
  7. Try different networks. ...
  8. Update your graphics card drivers.
Apr 10, 2022

Does YouTube live increase watch hours? ›

Unlike other YouTube videos, livestreams allow real-time interactions with viewers and are much longer. So you can get more watch hours and build a relationship with your viewers at the same time. And when you know your viewers better, you can also find out what kind of videos they want from you.

Is it possible to live stream without delay? ›

Low latency streaming is the best way to ensure real-time communication between you and your audience. It delivers high video resolution without any delay, giving viewers a smooth experience of watching your live streaming events.

Do YouTube lives go away? ›

If your live stream is less than 12 hours, YouTube can automatically archive it for you. This option applies to all types of live streams - including: encoder, webcam, and mobile.

How do you moderate a YouTube stream? ›

How to Moderate Live Chat on YouTube

How do I remove someone from timeout? ›

To remove Timeouts on mobile, Press and hold on the User's avatar to bring up their profile. Then press Remove Timeout and confirm the removal.


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6. Heavy Metal Golden Years | Classic Metal Playlist | '80s, '90s
(The Classic Heavy Metal Vault)
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