[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (2023)

[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (1)

1) More than 10 years' experience for producing color coated aluminum coils and panels

2) 4 factories by 150,000 M2, passed ISO9001 & BV certification

3) Full-automatic production lines, 10 for aluminum coils + 4 for panels

4) Annual output: 100,000 tons for aluminum coils + 3,000,000 sheets for pane

[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (2)

Name:Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel
Thickness:0.12-1.5 mm
Width:Standard 1240mm, Max 1650mm
Color:Matte white, Solid color, RAL, Wooden grain, Marble stone, Metallic, Patterned, etc.
Alloy:1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3105, 3005, 5052, etc,
Temper:H16, H18, H46, H48, H24, etc.
Coating:PE, HDPE, FEVE, PVDF, Glossy, Matt, Anti-scratch, Sand, Sparkle, Embossed, etc,
Warranty:PE 1 year, HDPE 5 years, PVDF 15 years
Coil ID:405mm, 505mm, or customized
Gross Weight:2.5-3.0 tons/coil
Package:Wooden pallets with foam and craft paper
MOQ:7 tons
Delivery time:25 days upon receiving deposit
Payment term:T/T or irrevocable L/C at sight
Certification:ISO9001, TUV, SGS, etc.
Application:ACP, Wall cladding, Ceiling, Roofing, Composited Panel, Roller shutter, Cabinet panels, etc.

[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (3)
[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (4)

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[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (5)

[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (6)
[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (7)
Uncoiler - Entrance Accumulator - Pretreatment (cleaning and conversion coating) - Dry - Prime Coater - Curing
Oven - Top Coater - Finish Oven - Water Quench - Exit Accumulator - Cut off - Recoiler

[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (8)
[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (9)
[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (10)
[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (11)
Zhaoqing Dingfeng Building Materials Co., Ltd.

is located in Zhaoqing National high-tech zone. This is an ideal place for the industrial transfer around the Pearl River Delta. It takes 10 minutes to Mafang Port, Guanghe expressway and 312 National Road. And it takes only 30 minutes to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

It covers an area of 150,000 square meters for 4 factories, 2 factories in Guangdong province and 2 in Henan province. There are 10 coating production lines for painted aluminum coil (foils, strips) and 4 full-automatic production lines for aluminum decorative panels (sheets, boards). At present, Dingfeng is one of the biggest manufacturer for coated aluminum in China. The annual production output is up to 100,000 tones for coated aluminum coils and 8000 sheets per day for aluminum decorative panels.

With the most advanced automatic coated aluminum coil production line and aluminum composite panel production line. Dingfeng is one of the biggest manufacturer in China for roller coating aluminum ceiling panel (tile, board), color coating aluminum coil (foil, strips), and aluminum decorative panels including aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum CEP panels and aluminum waved panels with annual output reached 20,000 tons for coated aluminum coil, 1 million square meters for aluminum ceiling panel and 8000 sheets of decorative panels per day.

Dingfeng consists out of a renowned, highly qualified and professional group of technical and managerial personnel. While we supply perfect quality assurance, we are committed to research and development and obtained ISO 9001 International Quality System Certification. Each product is being tested regularly by the National Building Materials Supervision Inspection Center, and all products reach the national standard. At the same time, Dingfeng has a perfect internal quality inspection mechanism at various phases of the production process, ensuring each product reaches the standard requirement, keeping customers trust.

With advanced equipment strength, strong production strength and excellent detection system, Dingfeng products are exporting to more than 20 countries from Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our products are widely used in interior and exterior decoration, such as ceiling, roofing, wall cladding, kitchen & bathroom cabinet, doors, roller shutters, truck side panel, channel letter, curtain wall, etc.

[Hot Item] Fireproof Decoration Building Material Sign Board ACP Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel (12)
Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer (factory)?
A1: We are one of the biggest manufacturers in China, specialized in color coated (painted) aluminum coils and panels for over 10 years.

Q2: Do you have color coated aluminum coils (strips, trim, foil) or panels (boards, sheet, strap) in stock?
A2: No. All goods will be produced according to the customer's orders.

(Video) Acp sheet and Hpl sheet difference | hpl and acp sheet price | full information about acp and hpl

Q3: What is the delivery time when the customer will place the order?
A3: It usually takes 25 days to finish the production. However, the exact lead time will be decided by different orders and our production lines' situation.

Q4: Can I mix different colors or specifications in one container?
A4: Yes, different colors or specifications can be mixed in one container. But it cannot be less than the MOQ of 7 tons coils or 200 sheets panels per pattern (color).

Q5: How well is your factory doing in quality control?
A5: Our factory passed ISO 9001 and BV International Quality System Certification. Our CEP panels (board, sheet) passed Fire Retardant B1 Grade. Quality comes first and "Management for efficiency, quality and survival" is our purpose. Every product is carefully tested before being packed and shipped.

Q6: Will you deliver on order? How can I believe you?
A6: Yes, we will. "Integrity, mutual benefit and win-win" is our business philosophy. You are highly welcomed to visit our factory to check.

Q7: Can you offer the samples for free?
A7: Yes, we can. But the courier cost will be afforded by the customers.

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Q8: Can you provide OEM or ODM service?
A8: Yes. Color, size, protective film and coating can be customized. And we also can produce the goods by your brand name or logo design. But MOQ is one 20ft container.

Q9: What is the application of your aluminum coils?

A9: Our aluminum trim coils or strips are widely used in interior and exterior decoration, advertisement and market applications, electronic appliances, etc. as following:

1) Interior applications: honeycomb panels, rolling shutters, window & door shutters, interior wall cladding system, wall panel, ceilings, bathroom & kitchen cabinets, door face, curtain wall, composite panels (ACP), blind, furniture panel, wall mount shelf set, baffle ceiling, indoor cabinet, wardrobe, shower room, bathroom accessories, cabinet door, garage door, etc.

2) Exterior applications: exterior wall cladding, facades, roofing sheets, canopies, sun louvers, tunnels, column covers, renovations, gutter, downspout, tube, tiles, carpet and flooring, pergola, balcony, roof corrugated board, fireproof veneer, awning, decking, Sandwich panels, etc.

3) Advertisement and market applications: display platforms, signboards, fascia, shop fronts, channel letter, signage, car license plate, 3D led sign, led channelume, laser table, letter sign, truck & car side panels, container body, boat building, package, solar concentrator, advertise sign panel, automobile body, fabrication, channels & purlin, etc.

4) Electronic appliances: refrigerator, dispenser, air conditioner, microwave oven, washing machine, computer case, electrical panel, kitchenware panel, solar reflectors, illuminated lighting, lamp, cold storage, etc.

Q10: Which aluminum alloys are generally used in the market?

(Video) What material is the best for soundproofing?

A10: Generally it will use Alloy 1000, 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1145, 1468, 1200, 1235, 1320, 2000, 2024, 2800, 3000, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3105, 4045, 5052, 5182, 5754, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6101, 7000, 7075, 8011 in the market.

Q11: Which color or pattern you can produce?

A11: We can produce Solid color, RAL, wooden grain, marble stone, plain color, 3D, HD, metallic, patterned, painted, color coated, Champagne, white, lacquered, brown, blue film, prepainted, PU, PA, PEPA, PE, PVDF, glossy, matt, anti-scratch, sand, sparkle, embossed, etc.

Q12: Which countries have your aluminum coils (foils, strips) been exported to?

A12: Our aluminum coils have been exported to Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and other worldwide countires, such as:

Malaysia, Singapore, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, India, Vietnam,etc.

Q13: How is your packaging?

A13: We use strong wooden pallets with foam and craft paper.

Q14: What is the general loading qty of 20'ft / 40'ft ?

A14: 1x20ft container can load about 25 tons. 1x40ft container can load about 26-28 tons. LCL shipment are acceptable.

(Video) How to Make an Acrylic 3D Letter of a Bar?

Q15: What exhibition have you participated in?

A15: We attended Canton fair, Dubai Big5, India ACETECH Delhi, Turkey Build, Russia Mos Build, Indonesia Mega Build, Saudi Build, etc.


Is aluminium composite panel fireproof? ›

Although not strictly referred to as Non-combustible it has a very low spread of flame indices and will not contribute to the spread of flame. Composite Panel are classified as A1 or noncombustible. A1 Non- combustible This type of panel may be used on high rise buildings. It must be attached to a fire rated wall.

Is ACP sheet fireproof? ›

It has fireproof properties similar to metals. It can effectively protect high-rises beyond 15 meters, industrial and public buildings, airports, hospitals, hotels, tunnels, and underground stations.

What is the difference between aluminium and ACP sheet? ›

Aluminium Composite Panels are more likely to remain flat after installation without any wrinkling. It will retain its shape even in extreme temperatures, whereas standard aluminium may not. Aluminium Composite Panels are more likely to dent and is not impact resistant to extreme storms for example.

What is ACP sheet board? ›

ACP sheet or Aluminium Composite Panel is a new-age cladding material that's used for building front elevation (facades), interiors, signage, modular kitchen and many more. It is available in a wide range of colours and textures like wood, stone, sand, 3D etc.

How long does aluminium composite panel last? ›

Aluminium composite panels have a long service life. The manufacturer provides a guarantee of up to 25 years for the panel covering, but the actual life of the material in the open air can be about 50 years, while the facade does not require special care.

How long does aluminum composite panel last? ›

The lifespan typically varies depending on environmental and weather conditions, but ACP is known to last for more than five years before any replacement or repairs are necessary. As for maintenance, aluminum composite panels are very easy to maintain.

What is the temperature range of ACP sheet? ›

Sturdy Physical Properties:

Moreover, the ACP sheets are corrosion resistant which means they can withstand the effects of weather changes. ACPs can also withstand the range of -50° to +80° Centigrade temperature.

What is the melting point of ACP panels? ›

It is important to understand that no aluminium composite panel is fireproof, it is only fire code compliant. Aluminium has a low melting point at around 660 °C. During the fire, the temperatures will be around 800 to 900 °C, which will melt skin and ignite the core.

Can ACP sheet be used on wall? ›

Though they are most commonly used as cladding for external walls, ACP sheets can also be used for various other purposes, including internal wall cladding, ceilings, and furniture.

Can ACP sheet be painted? ›

PVDF coated ACP panels are the highest-quality form of exterior cladding. The usage of fluorocarbon molecules, one of the strongest chemical compounds, is the key to high adherence to the PVDF coat. PVDF ACP panels can also be painted in a variety of ways.

Is ACP sheet waterproof? ›

The answer is yes, aluminium composite panel is waterproof. As we have seen in the process of ACP manufacturing, it is made by sandwiching layers of aluminium foil and low density polythene under intense heat and pressure. This makes ACP sheet strong and waterproof.

What screws are used for ACP sheets? ›

Aluminium blind rivets with SS (Stainless Steel) screws are recommended for outside usage and high humidity environments because they prevent corrosion on the edges.

How do you stick ACP sheets? ›

How to use
  1. Get the acrylic sheet cut according to the design & size.
  2. Cut the alphabets from the ACP board.
  3. Paste the alphabets on the sheet with the special acrylic adhesive of polyfix.
  4. The lights can also be pasted with our adhesive on the board.
Sep 3, 2019

What are the disadvantages of aluminum panels? ›

The disadvantages of aluminum panels
  • It can be susceptible to impacts and scratches, depending on the quality and thickness of the planks.
  • It can be noisy when there are strong winds.
  • It's a relatively costly material (often 15 to 20 percent more expensive than other types of siding, such as wood, wood fiber, vinyl, etc.)
Mar 22, 2021

How do you maintain aluminium composite panels? ›

Procedure of Cleaning ACP Sheets
  1. Try to clean the accumulated dirt with clear water.
  2. If the dirt remains, use a soft cloth with diluted solution of mild soap and clean water to wipe the dirt away. ...
  3. If the mild soap and clear water solution fail to clean the surface, then use isopropyl solution to clean the ACP sheets.

What is the cost of aluminum composite panel? ›

While options such as wood, vinyl and brick all tend to come in at a cost of around $3-$14 per square foot, with high-end wood paneling being the most expensive by far; ACM panels can cost anywhere from $15-$35 per square foot.

Can I paint an aluminium composite panel? ›

ACM Panels are the Best Material for the Cladding System

Low-Maintenance Characteristics. Available in Various Colors Finishes. Versatility. You Can Paint Aluminum Composite Panels.

What are the disadvantages of ACP awning? ›

One of the main drawbacks of composite panels is cost. This means that while using the panels reduces construction time and labor costs, they are more expensive compared to traditional materials. The high cost limits the number of people who can use the material.

What is the fire resistance of ACP? ›

The fire rated ACP can resist fire for upto 2 hours. The main difference between fire-rated ACP and normal ACP sheets is that both are ACP but with different core materials. The mineral core is made up of about 70% inorganic materials such as Calcium Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide and 30% polymer.

What is the thickness of ACP board? ›

ACP sheet sizes are available in 3mm panels, 4mm panels, and 6mm panels. The thickness of the aluminium alloy coil and the thermoplastic core build the thickness of the end product.

How are ACP sheets fixed in the ceiling? ›

Using a v-groove bit router, we make grooves on the 4 sides of the ACP panels with a 90° (cutting) angle. Then we fold the panel to get a formation of the tray. Then the aluminium angles are riveted onto the corners of the tray to hold the tray together. Aluminium cleats are fixed to the tray with pop-rivets.

Are ACP and curtain walls fireproof and waterproof? ›

The answer is yes.

How hot does Aluminium composite panel get? ›

Aluminium has a low melting point of around 660°C. Temperatures may be around 800°C to 1200°C in a fire, which may melt the aluminium skin of the panels and ignite the core. Polymer content of 30-100%.

What is the core of ACP sheet made of? ›

Aluminum composite panels are made up of two thin layers of aluminium sheets sandwiched by a polymer core. ACP sheet's polymer core is made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) or Polyurethane.

Is ACP sheet good for kitchen cabinets? ›

Kitchen cabinets with acp sheets are proven by research to be more durable than wood, plywood or any other materials used to make cabinets. Here's more explanation as to why the acp sheet kitchen cabinets are proving to be the choice for builders, interior designers and carpenters.

Is ACP good for wardrobe? ›

Uses of ACP Sheet

It can also be use in interior applications like wallcovering and false ceilings, cabinets, wardrobe, kitchen modular and table-top covers, and many more. It is also use in the aviation industry, where mechanical performance and weight savings are vital.

How thick is a composite wall panel? ›

Product Specification
Usage/ApplicationExterior / Interior
Thickness (mm)3mm,4mm,6mm
FinishingPVDF Coating
FunctionFireproof, Mould-Proof
Use InInterior / Exterior
6 more rows

What is the best paint for PVC sheets? ›

The best paint for PVC is made specifically for plastic surfaces. Many people like using Krylon fusion paints for plastic. These types of paint will leave the best finish and are the least likely to chip and peel.

How do you paint aluminum panels? ›

Painting Aluminum
  1. Clean the aluminum. Before you can transform the aluminum, you need to clean it first. ...
  2. Sand the metal surface. After cleaning the surface, let it dry completely. ...
  3. Apply self-etching Primer then sand again. A self-etching primer is crucial in painting aluminum. ...
  4. Apply the paint. ...
  5. Apply the sealer.

What is the price of ACP per sheet? ›

Vikas Trading Co.
All India - ₹95/sq ftAhmedabad - ₹100/sq ft
Delhi - ₹120/sq ftGreater Noida - ₹137/sq ft
Kolkata - ₹90/sq ftChennai - ₹65/sq ft
Bengaluru - ₹105/sq ftLucknow - ₹122.5/sq ft
Hyderabad - ₹90/sq ftKanpur - ₹92.5/sq ft

Is ACP scratch proof? ›

Is ACP scratch proof, especially interiors? It has a scratch resistance of up to 4H.

What is the price of high gloss ACP sheet? ›

ACP Sheet Price:
Item CodeACP Sheet SeriesACP Sheet Price per Sq Ft (INR)
AL312Regular Series₹ 75.90
AL32Regular Series₹ 79.20
AL32Regular Series₹ 96.80
AL32Regular Series₹ 86.90
10 more rows

What is the cost of ACP sheet waterproofing? ›

Water Proof ACP Sheet, Thickness: 1.5 Mm at Rs 70/square feet in Bengaluru | ID: 22398970962.

Is ACP sheet washable? ›

They are washable , corrosion-resistant , durable and offer unbreakable strength with an unmatched beauty . Archer ACP sheets are used for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

How much does a 4mm ACP sheet weigh? ›

Weight: 5.5kg/ sqm based on 4mm thickness.

What is the standard size of ACP sheet? ›

Aluminium Composite Panel Acp Sheet, Size: 12 X 3 And 8 X 4 Feet, Thickness: 3.5 Mm. We are a well-renowned organization in the industry to provide our patrons the best quality array of Acp Sheet.

How do you join aluminium panels? ›

Aluminium to aluminium glue

Using an instant adhesive or super glue is arguably the simplest and most hassle-free alternative to welding. As previously discussed in our Guide to Gluing Metal, we recommend an epoxy glue for a stronger bond.

How do you hide ACP joints? ›

Use a sealant material such as glue or rubber to hide; 2. Cover with aluminum frame or decorative aluminum profile; 3.
The joint method of aluminum composite panels
  1. Cover the edge with aluminum profiles or directly cover the joints;
  2. Cover the joint with a rubber strip and directly expose the fixed screw or rivet;

What do you use to bond acrylic sheets? ›

Super glue is a superior bonding agent that works wonders on small projects or when working with opaque acrylic, where the dried glue is not visible or noticeable. It's when it is used as a bonding agent in larger or utilizing transparent or clear acrylic where it makes a difference.

What saw blade is best for cutting aluminum composite panels? ›

Use Jigsaw to Cut Aluminum Composite Panel

A unique blade is required for the jigsaw to make accurate and smooth cuts for aluminum cutting. A 24-toothed blade or a cutting tool with more tooths is ideal for this purpose. The higher the teeth count on the cutting tool, the smoother the cut will be.

Can ACP be laser cut? ›

Alumetal Aluminium Composite sheets are premium sheets that come in a range of colors and finishes. Our range of AluminiumComposite sheets are verstaile which means they can be digital printed, silk screen printed, cut, bend, drilled, shaped, CNCcut,laser cut and machined to your exact requirements.

What is the price of 6mm ACP sheet? ›

Grey ACP Sheet, Size: 8x4 Feet, Thickness: 6 Mm at Rs 60/square feet in Ahmednagar | ID: 20429862555.

Is aluminium composite flammable? ›

An ACP is made up of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a polymer core; it is the polymer core that makes this product combustible. ACP's with a 30% or more polymer core have a poor resistance to fire due to aluminium's low melting point, thus creating the potential for fire to spread up from panel to panel.

Is aluminium composite heat resistant? ›

Thermal Resistance

ACP panels are often poor conductors of thermal energy, meaning that they do not conduct heat very well. This characteristic is due to the design of the board itself.

Are composite panels flammable? ›

Both forms of polystyrene can be ignited easily by low temperature flame or sparks, spread fire rapidly inside the metal facings and are difficult to extinguish. As the panels burn, they can produce flaming droplets of molten plastic and extensive black toxic smoke.

Is ACM fire resistant? ›

Not only is ACM cladding resistant to fire, it is also resistant to weather, corrosion, and stains. In Florida, this is a critical component of any outdoor building feature.

What are the problems with Aluminium Composite Panels? ›

ACP Risk. The use of ACP has a significant bearing on the combustibility and spread of fire along or within a building. It can seriously compromise life safety if the installation deviates from the National Construction Code (NCC) requirements.

Is ACP fire rated? ›

These environment-friendly products fall in the acceptability for all green building projects. The fire rated ACP can resist fire for upto 2 hours.

What is the melting point of ACP? ›

Aluminium has a low melting point of around 660°C. Temperatures may be around 800°C to 1200°C in a fire, which may melt the aluminium skin of the panels and ignite the core. Polymer content of 30-100%.

What is the best aluminum for heat dissipation? ›

Pure aluminum (1000-series alloys) exhibits the highest thermal conductivity. However, high-strength alloy materials come with declining thermal conductivity; there is a tradeoff relationship between their strength and thermal conductivity.

What is the thermal resistance of ACP sheet? ›

Thermal Insulation:

The thermal conductivity of aluminium composite panel is 0.15 -0.1 W/m/ 0K, and hence they have good thermal insulation.

What is the best heat-resistant aluminum? ›

Aluminum Al-MS89 is a high temperature Aluminum alloy made via an advanced powder process. The alloy shows extrem temperature stability. Even after thousands of hours at high temperature the properties remains pretty stable. In contrast to many Aluminum-Silicon based alloys Al-MS89 shows also good ductility.

Is composite board fire resistant? ›

Is composite decking fire-resistant? In comparison to wood, composite decking is often a better choice for fire-prone areas. Composite decking is made of a mixture of wood and plastic fibers, making it less susceptible to flame spread than many types of wood.

What are fire resistant composite materials? ›

Generally, inorganic fibers (e.g., glass, carbon, basalt, ceramic) and inorganic matrix materials (e.g., ceramic/carbon, metals, polysialate/geopolymers) do not burn and most can withstand high temperatures.

What is the difference between ACP and ACM? ›

ACP (Aluminium composite Panel) also known as ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) is a sandwich panel of two aluminium skins bonded to an extruded core of either Polyethylene or mineral core.

How long will ACM panels last? ›

ACM Panels

Metal panels typically last around 10 years before showing signs of age. ACM panels do require regular, ongoing maintenance in order to keep the panels looking clean.

How much do ACM panels cost? ›

While options such as wood, vinyl and brick all tend to come in at a cost of around $3-$14 per square foot, with high-end wood paneling being the most expensive by far; ACM panels can cost anywhere from $15-$35 per square foot.


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