The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (2023)

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (1)

Although corn on the cob and the right amount of potato salad might be highest on your outdoor entertaining list, it’s easy to overlook the most important aspect of your party — the beverages. Whether you’re serving an alcoholic punch or ensuring that children and adults have plenty of water, your beverages are a core component of the party. Nothing is more of a relief during a summer’s party than an ice cold drink — and nothing more disquieting to your guests than an empty cup.

As you are planning your beverage selection, you need an easy, hassle-free way to serve drinks. Easy to assemble and simple to clean, a glass dispenser allows guests to pour beverages as they need them, saving you time to socialize. Whether you’re making sangria or simply serving ice cold water, a glass beverage dispenser gives you flexibility and allows your guests to see exactly what you’re serving.

Although many people opt for plastic beverage dispensers, we highly recommend investing in a glass one. Glass is non-toxic and a much higher quality — there’s less worry about chemicals from the plastic seeping into your beverage. As many kombucha brewers know, plastic is more likely to shelter hidden microbes and bacteria than glass. This is particularly important if you’re using a dispenser as a permanent fixture in your office or kitchen. When used continuously, a quality glass dispenser ensures that no toxic chemicals are seeping over time into the contents.

In terms of entertaining, glass is simply prettier. A glass beverage dispenser is a touch of elegance, and the clear material allows guests to see the beverage inside. Even a simple water dispenser adds a visual flair when you toss a few slices of lemon or fruit in the top. Iced tea, sangria, fruit punch, lemonade — many of these drinks are beautifully colorful, and when you show off their hues in a dispenser, guests are even more likely to find them enticing.

Of the six glass containers we’ve chosen below, all include a metal spigot. Metal spigots chip and break less often than their plastic counterparts. Broadly, a metal spigot will last longer and prevent leaks more successfully than a plastic spigot. Several options include both a metal and plastic spigot, however, which means you’ll always have a backup.

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  • 2 What to Put in a Glass Beverage Dispenser
  • 3 The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot
    • 3.1 2.5 Gallon Glass Dispenser with Stand by Kitchentoolz
    • 3.2 Paddington Hill 2 Gallon Mason Jar Glass Dispenser with Fruit Infuser
    • 3.3 Hot and Cold Drink Dispenser with Bamboo Stand by Leaves and Trees
    • 3.4 2 Gallon Glass Dispenser with Iron Stand by RPI
    • 3.5 1.5 Gallon Dispenser with Ribbed Glass and Iron Stand by RPI
    • 3.6 1 Gallon Mason Jar Dispenser by Brio
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How To Clean a Beverage Dispenser Metal Spigot

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (2)

If you’re using your glass dispenser for a party or event, make sure you clean the container between uses. Some people use dispensers as a permanent fixture in their kitchen or office. If so, it’s especially important that you dump the contents periodically and clean the spigot. If you don’t, the spigot can collect bacteria and eventually mold, even if you’re only serving water. Routine sanitization keeps your beverages — and guests — safe.

Most of these glass containers can be easily hand washed with dish soap or a sanitizing solution. The spigot is a little trickier. With several small parts, it’s easy to get bits of fruit caught. The crevices and constant moisture can encourage bacteria growth without proper maintenance.

To clean your metal spigot, first unscrew the spigot from the glass, making sure to keep track of any small pieces. Mix a gallon of warm water with a tablespoon of unscented bleach. If you prefer not to use bleach, you can also mix a quart of warm water with two teaspoons of white vinegar. (Either way, we recommend wearing gloves to protect your skin).

Use a sponge to scrub the small parts of the spigot with the solution, then place the parts in a cup of the solution and let them soak for 3-5 minutes. When you’re done, rinse the spigot thoroughly in warm water. You can also use these sanitizing solutions to wipe down the dispenser itself. Make sure you rinse all parts thoroughly with clean, warm water before filling the dispenser with a beverage.

Finally, if you’re using your dispenser to infuse your beverage, you may want to invest in a container with a fruit infuser, like the Paddington Hill Mason Jar Dispenser below. Seeds and pieces of fruit can easily clog the spigot — in fact, many people declare their spigots don’t work when all they really need to do is clean out any debris. The infuser will separate the fruit from the beverage while allowing the fruit flavors to seep in.

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What to Put in a Glass Beverage Dispenser

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (3)

The possibilities are endless. Iced tea, lemonade, fruit punch, sangria, infused water, batched cocktails — there’s no limit to what you can serve. Kombucha brewers might opt for a glass dispenser for continuous brewing. Iced tea lovers may want batches of the stuff on a hot summer’s day. Regardless, a pretty glass dispenser allows for easy access to the contents and prevents dust or debris from settling into your beverage.

Remember that when you’re using a glass dispenser, you are truly showing off your beverage; the glass allows the color of the contents to shine through. Lemonades, deep red sangrias, or brightly colored fruit punches are not only refreshing, but they also add a pop of color to your party setup.

Most glass dispensers are not safe for warm beverages and may crack or shatter when in contact with hot liquid. However, the Leaves and Trees Hot and Cold Dispenser below uses borosilicate glass, which is made to withstand temperatures up to 300ºF. This dispenser is perfect for batched hot toddies or holiday punches. If you’re a fan of iced tea, opt for the Paddington Hill dispenser so you can brew and cool your tea directly in the same container.

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot

2.5 Gallon Glass Dispenser with Stand by Kitchentoolz

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (4)

A sturdy, decorative metal stand supports this glass dispenser. The glass design pleases the eye, while the stainless steel spigot is functional and easy to clean. The dispenser also includes a drip tray to protect a wood table or precious tablecloth. The metal stand gives you versatility — you can place it in the center of a table or counter and are not bound to place the dispenser at the edge of a surface.

Reviewers loved the design and volume of this dispenser. The glass has a heavy weight to it, and many thought the stand and hammered glass were pleasant to look at. This dispenser has been used for everything from sangria to kombucha to infused water. One reviewer thought that the glass chipped easily, so make sure to handle the glass with care and store the lid somewhere safe where it isn’t likely to fall.

To learn more, click here.

Paddington Hill 2 Gallon Mason Jar Glass Dispenser with Fruit Infuser

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (5)

Mason jars are popular in all types of decor, and this dispenser is no exception. This farmhouse-chic dispenser is notable because it includes a fruit infuser. Simply fill the food-safe, plastic infuser with your favorite fresh fruit and lower it into the water, sangria, or kombucha. The infuser prevents seeds or pieces of fruit from clogging the spigot while adding a splash of flavor to your beverage.

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It also includes several accessories to fit a rustic farmhouse decor, including a small blackboard sign that hangs from twine so you can label your beverage. Your purchase also includes two additional 16 oz mason jars with lids and stainless steel straws.

Reviewers raved about the style and durability of the glass dispenser. Overall, they thought it was fantastic quality at an affordable price. One customer mentioned that you can’t run the infuser through the dishwasher. Also, make sure you don’t tighten the spigot too hard — doing so might cause cracks in the glass.

To read the latest reviews, click here.

Hot and Cold Drink Dispenser with Bamboo Stand by Leaves and Trees

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (6)

Serving up a hot tea or warm holiday punch? This is one of the few glass dispensers designed for hot beverages. Made from borosilicate glass (a type of glass that can withstand more extreme temperature changes), this dispenser can handle beverages up to 300℉.

The simple, elegant bamboo stand holds three small cups underneath the dispenser, and the bamboo lid includes a valve allowing for an airtight seal. To make things even easier, the stainless steel spigot is leak-proof and dishwasher-safe. Elegant and simple, this dispenser adds a classic touch to your party or dining room.

Reviewers enjoyed the design and the tidy glass storage within the stand itself. Most found it to be a quality dispenser that was well worth the price; the only complaints were that the liquid is sometimes slow to pour.

To see pricing, click here.

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2 Gallon Glass Dispenser with Iron Stand by RPI

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (7)

This high quality, hammered glass dispenser sits on an elegant iron stand. Simple and stylish, it adds a touch of the vintage and antique. Use it for a baby shower or wedding when you’d like elegance in all the details. The dispenser arrives with a plastic spigot but includes an extra, leak-free stainless steel spigot.

Many buyers loved the style of these dispensers – they found the spigots mostly leak-free and thought the glass had a quality, heavy weight. When buying, be aware that the lid doesn’t come with a protective rubber ring to seal it, so you’ll have to be extra careful when handling the lid.

Ready to buy? Click here.

1.5 Gallon Dispenser with Ribbed Glass and Iron Stand by RPI

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (8)

This unique dispenser is made of lead-free, ribbed glass. You don’t need to tuck this away in a corner — feature this glass dispenser as an elegant, functional centerpiece on a banquet table. The ribbed glass lends a unique design, and the decorated metal stand is simple but classy.

Most people note that this dispenser is sturdy and well made. The large opening at the top makes cleaning it more convenient as well. One customer wished it had an ice core, but as with other dispensers, you can simply add ice directly to the beverage instead.

Like it? Click here to buy now.

1 Gallon Mason Jar Dispenser by Brio

The Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With a Metal Spigot (9)

This dispenser gives a nod to mason jars with engraved lettering and a similar type of handle design. The lid also locks to provide better spill protection, which is usually hard to find in most glass dispensers. It’s perfect for small spaces -with a capacity of 1 gallon, it will fit in most refrigerators. For more options, it even comes with both a plastic and stainless steel spigot.

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Many customers appreciated the stainless steel spigot, saying assembly was a breeze. Almost all found that the stainless steel spigot was more effective than the plastic one.

To learn more about this product, click here.

To Sum it Up…

Whatever your party plans are, these eye-catching dispensers are ideal for showing off your homemade drinks. The list above features six dispensers for different needs and budgets — whether you’re serving warm drinks or choosing the prettiest one as a dramatic centerpiece, these glass dispensers add a touch of elegance and style to your special occasion.


How do you clean a spigot beverage dispenser? ›

Fill the beverage dispenser to the brim with water, and add a couple tablespoons of vinegar. Now turn the spigot so it begins to dispense the vinegar water. Repeat one more time to ensure any citrus pulp, cucumber debris, or sugars have drained safely away.

How do you keep drinks cold in a beverage dispenser? ›

Add Frozen Fruits!

A clever way of keeping your drink dispenser cool is by using frozen fruits & vegetables. For instance, frozen slices of lemon, oranges, grapefruits, cucumbers, or even whole grapes will help to keep your drinks cool and refreshing.

What are those drink dispensers called? ›

It appears that they are marketed variously as “beverage jars,” “beverage dispensers,” “water dispensers” “spigoted jars,” et al. ...

What is a beverage bubbler? ›

One of the best options for dispensing cold drinks is the classic bubbler. Bubblers essentially push liquids to the top of the holding tank so they appear to bubble up from the bottom. This serves a handful of purposes. First, bubblers are fun to look at, and they attract attention.

How do you clean an automatic drink dispenser? ›

Cleaning - The Magic Tap - YouTube

How do you clean a Brita dispenser spigot? ›

Hand-wash system periodically with a mild detergent (no abrasive cleaners). Rinse well. Do not wash in dishwasher. Insert filter into reservoir by lining up groove in filter with notch in reservoir.

How do you keep drinks cool at a party? ›

GUIDE 1: How to Keep Beverages the Right Temperature
  1. Use a cooler or tub. ...
  2. Add drinks first, ice second. ...
  3. Make fancy ice cubes. ...
  4. Use a damp paper towel for a quick fix. ...
  5. Have insulated drink sleeves handy. ...
  6. Store hot beverages in thermoses. ...
  7. Make slow-cooker hot chocolate. ...
  8. Chill the serving trays beforehand.
Mar 31, 2017

How do you keep a large batch drink cold? ›

Once the cocktail is batched, put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours or over night. If you like your cocktails extremely cold, you can place it in the freezer an hour before you serve it. This is especially helpful when you're serving the cocktail at a party as it helps to keep it very cold as its being served.

What do you call a container with a spout? ›

In American English, a pitcher is a container with a spout used for storing and pouring liquids.

How does commercial juice dispenser work? ›

A clear stem runs up the middle of the cold juice dispenser, and when the lever is pushed, a circulator proceeds to pump the liquid or juice up to the top of the cold drink machine, channeling it out to the spigot and then into the customer's mug or glass.

How do drink dispensers work? ›

How A Soda Fountain Works - YouTube

How do I set up Crathco? ›

How to Assemble a Crathco Beverage Dispenser | eTundra - YouTube

What is a bubbler machine? ›

A bubble forming machine that produces bubbles including a housing having an air inlet and an air and bubble outlet, a fan to create an air stream through the housing from the inlet to the outlet, a reservoir containing a bubble creating liquid such as soapy water located in the housing in the air stream near the ...

What is bubbler machine? ›

Bubblers can serve drinks mixed from powder as well as low-sediment juices, such as apple juice. Bubblers get their name from a spray tube that pumps product from the bottom of the dispenser's bowl up to the top, spraying it in a fountain pattern. This setup circulates product for even mixing and chilling.

What is a magic tap? ›

Magic Tap turns any beverage container into an easy-to-use drink dispenser that eliminates the need to lift heavy bottles, and also prevents spills, drips, and waste. Designed to be used with hot or cold beverages, it has a battery-powered motor to draw drinks up through the straw and out of the dispenser.

How do you clean a drink fountain? ›

Just follow the protocol established by the equipment manufacturer, which The Coca-Cola Company endorses: wash your hands, mix the cleaning solution; remove nozzles and diffusers and soak them in the sanitizing solution; brush nozzles and diffusers and then air dry; wipe down the machine. And you're done!

How do I get rid of mold in my Brita? ›

Attack the mildew: If you still have mildewy bits, make a mixture of one teaspoon white vinegar to one cup of water. Dip your sponge into the mixture, then use it to scrub off the mildew. Rinse and dry: Rinse the lid and reservoir with clean water, then set upside down on a dish towel or drying rack to air-dry.

How long can you leave water in Brita? ›

Replace your Brita Stream® Filter every 40 gallons, or about every 2 months. If you have hard water, you may need to change filters more often.

How do you keep mold out of a Brita pitcher? ›

Tips To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Brita Product
  1. Make sure you replace the filter on time. ...
  2. Leave your pitcher and bottle in the refrigerator, and not in a dark place on the counter.
  3. Wash your hands with soap and water before handling the filter. ...
  4. Clean your Brita product frequently, at least once a month.

How long before a party should I put drinks on ice? ›

Put Drinks on Ice Before the Event Starts

For a larger bottle, like a bottle of champagne or 2-liter of soda, it takes 20 to 30 minutes. If you are putting a lot of bottles and cans into a large ice bin, 30 minutes should be enough time to make sure all your drinks are ready for guests.

How do you keep drinks cold at a party without a cooler? ›

Use a few sheets of newspaper to line the inside of a container that you can seal shut, like a duffel bag or secure picnic basket—the paper will trap in the cold and keep out the heat. Place the chilled containers into your lined bag or basket, layering more sheets of newspaper on top of each container.

Is there ice that doesn't melt? ›

These plastic-free, “jelly ice cubes” do not melt, are compostable and anti-microbial, and prevent cross-contamination. “When ice melts, it's not reusable,” said Gang Sun, a professor in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

How do you keep drinks hot at a party? ›

If you're serving warm beverages, you can use a slow cooker or insulated urn to keep them hot. If you have to use the stove top, keep the heat very low or consider just warming small batches as you need them because the alcohol can easily cook off.

Does ice water down your drink? ›

"Good ice will keep a drink cool but bad ice won't just cool your drink down; it will melt more rapidly and dilute the drink, causing it to lose all its delicate notes and nuances," she explained. Generally, cocktails are meant to be savored, and not drunk quickly.

How far in advance can you batch cocktails? ›

Don't: Leave batched cocktails with citrus for longer than two days. A bartender reading this might feel appalled that this statement is even included, but batching with citrus at home is okay as long as you have the expectation that the batch won't be viable for longer than a couple days.

How far in advance can you mix cocktails? ›

Mix all of the ingredients in these cocktails together except for the sparkling wine, water, soda, or prosecco. Add it in right before serving so the drink can be as fizzy as possible. Again, don't put these recipes together more than 24 hours in advance and store them in the fridge.

Can you make cocktails the night before? ›

You can begin to batch your drinks in advance as well, combining all shelf-stable ingredients in a well-sealed container in your fridge. Even if you're not ready to start measuring and mixing, it's still a good idea to chill all of your cocktail ingredients (the vermouth, the spirits, the syrups) the night before.

What is a large beverage dispenser called? ›

What is another word for drink dispenser?
beverage dispenserrefreshment dispenser
soda dispensersoda fountain

What is the edge or rim of a container called? ›

brim Add to list Share. The brim is the top of a container, like the edge of a cup.

What container is best for sauce? ›

Store in a small jar or bowl covered with plastic in the refrigerator or even in a heavy-gauge zip-top bag. A smaller container means less exposure to air and less spoilage.

Can you put carbonated drinks in a beverage dispenser? ›

Sparkling lemonade and vodka, as suggested in the video, are great options for fruit-filled drink dispensers, but you can branch out much further than that. Mixed cocktails, still water, fruit juices and even sodas look great decanted into the dispenser.

What is juice dispenser? ›

Juice dispenser – also called Iced Beverage Dispenser, Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser, Juice Dispenser Machine or Cold Drink Dispenser. It is used to dispense beverages hygienically and is widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteen, and bars.

What is beverage dispenser meaning? ›

Related Definitions

Drink dispenser means any person employed dispensing or mixing liquor in any portion of the licensed premises.

How do you clean a drink fountain? ›

Just follow the protocol established by the equipment manufacturer, which The Coca-Cola Company endorses: wash your hands, mix the cleaning solution; remove nozzles and diffusers and soak them in the sanitizing solution; brush nozzles and diffusers and then air dry; wipe down the machine. And you're done!

How do you clean a PUR nozzle? ›

How to Remove Spout from PUR Water Dispenser - YouTube

What is over cleaning? ›

Overcleaning is not limited to just surfaces, though. Common household items people can be guilty of overcleaning include bed sheets, kitchen towels and certain furniture. Cleaning improperly or overdoing cleaning can leave stains or shorten the life of the item.


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