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Reviews of Local Chain Link Fence Contractors

All American Fences, Inc.


Nino and staff were fantastic. Great customer service, responsive, professional, used high quality materials, and work was impeccable. Fence looks awesome! Highly recommend All American Fences.

- Janet P....



Good communication. Showed up promptly and finished work efficiently. They did a great job. Would hire again. Total length of fence removed was somewhere in the ballpark of 75 ft. Posts were cut off below ground level and dirt filled on top.

- Chris K....

Pegram Fencing


I am extremely satisfied with Pegram Fencing. From start to finish there was excellent communication and reliability throughout the project. Daniel was knowledgeable, informative, and professional. I intend to use his services again.

- Laverne M....

Clinton Fences Co Inc


I never knew a fence could make me so happy! We've now used George/Clinton & Bowles Fences 3 times at our house, and we have been thrilled with the results each and every time! We now have a beautiful chain link fence around our backyard, and a charming white picket fence in our front yard, and our home now feels so secure. We HIGHLY recommend this amazing company! It's clear they truly value the work they do, and want their customers to be happy. And what incredible service from George, who is so wonderfully hands-on and invested in the project, from start to finish! If you're in search of a strong, beautiful, well-constructed fence -- and wonderful customer service every step of the way -- then call Clinton & Bowles

- Cassandra M....

Adirondack Fence Builders


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Although it took several e-mails back and forth to finally hear from Rob, once I did he was great. He was able to provide an estimate via e-mail, once we gave him the parameters and what we were looking for. The number he gave was competitive with our other estimates. His men came out and finished the product in one day. They did one section of the fence wrong (didn't finish the fence along a section of wall), so I e-mailed Rob. He apologized for the miscommunication between him and his workers, and they came out 2 days later to resolve the issue. Overall, very happy with their work

- Lauren C....

Everyone at company was a pleasure to deal with. Tim the estimator came out twice to insure the estimate and job description was correct. Melissa in the office returned calls promptly and was always polite and helpful. Job crew showed up on time and were finished in six hours. The fence looks wonderful and is of the highest quality. They will definetly be the only company I call for fencing or deck needs and I will be happy to recommend them at any time. A truly professional compnay and a pleasure to deal with

- Bartow T....

M.C. Fence and Deck


All through the process M.C. Fence and Deck was very professional and responsive. I obtained three quotes from different businesses, based on my providing the measurements. M.C. Fence actually came out to measure for themselves, and found that I had measured incorrectly (the gates were longer than what I had measured). As their price was very similar to the other two quotes I had received, and they came out and made the correct measurements, I decided to work with them. There was a delay of a couple of weeks because the gates themselves were backordered, but as soon as they came in M.C. Fence was out to install them. They did a great job and I am very pleased with the results

- Gail Y....

All American Fences, Inc.


Pricing and terms were extremely competitive, Nino and his crew were very efficient and did an excellent job. New fence looks great. Would definitely recommend based on my experience

- Lew S....

All American Fences, Inc.

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The process went extremely well. I only met one of the employees (Nino) and he was very pleasant, professional and quick. He gave me a verbal quote for the job and that number did not get any higher when I received the official quote. The lady I spoke to over the phone to arrange the date of installation and payment was very friendly and helpful too. I actually forgot what day they were coming and came home to the surprise of a beautifully completed fence. I'm not a big fan of chain link, but since most of my yard was already enclosed in it, it was my most affordable option to close off the yard so my dog could run around. The chain link they installed actually looked pretty to me and made the rest of my chain link look subpar in comparison. When I decide to upgrade my fence to vinyl or wood, I will definitely give them a call. From inquiry to installation, everything was done in less than three weeks

- Opal S....

METROpolitan Fence Co


The only time this company was on time and came when they said was for the initial quote. After that no responses to emails, voicemail or phone calls. When I finally received a phone call back, I was given a 2-3 day time frame (for the following week) as to when they would come out and start the job. No type of follow up when that time came so will go with another company. Not professional at all

- Gornell S....

M.C. Fence and Deck


Finally spoke to owner who was very responsive in getting work done. Although trying to get an excellent quote for next work and he hasn't been responsive to date, with the new quote. Otherwise the professionalism would be an A. Still waiting.

- Robert W....

Long Home Products


The repair went well; I am very pleased with the result. There was a delay of a few weeks between when I got the estimate & paid the deposit, and when they actually came out to do the work. The first time they came out to our house they had the wrong supplies and had to go back to retrieve the correct ones. Those were minor issues, though; overall everything went well

- Rachel O....

M.C. Fence and Deck

(Video) Chain Link Basics: All The Parts And Where They Go


Mike and his crew are pros. His crew lined up and hung the gate perfectly and things went smoothly from there. I got what I asked for and there were no surprises. Also the aluminum fence was lined up nicely even though the ground it sat on varied a bit. They took care to have the fence hold a straight vertical and horizontal line regardless of some of the ground's elevation variances. I would have Mike's guys come back for additional work. These guys create quality fences from quality materials as you define them

- Paul B....

Clinton Fences Co Inc



- Sherrie M....

Adirondack Fence Builders


We called several companies to get estimates to replace a section of our chain link fence. I chose to use Adirondack Fence Co because Rob was punctual, very polite, honest, and gave me an excellent rate. It was a small job but Rob treated me great and never tried to sell me more than I needed. The workman showed up on time and did a good job. I am very happy and when it comes time to replace my whole fence I will definitely use Adirondack Fence Co

- Amber W....

Phoenix Fence & Deck


The Derecho took down a tree that tore up my chain link fences and my deck. Not a lot of work, and several fence contractors were not interested as it was too small. Jeff was very responsive, came out next day, worked with me to get the price right, and worked the small job into his schedule. He called to let me know they'd be out at a date and time, came by with his guys, and they executed well. The carpenter knew his stuff and threw in a few detail cuts that showed it. Not a lot of work, but executed very well

- George W....

Clinton Fences Co Inc

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Mostly great. The estimate was 1 to 2 days and it took 2. The estimate was a few poles off and the bill was adjusted upwards to cost. Fence line is straight and nearly invisible. There were a few concrete waste messes, some wire and pole cuttings were left on site and there were some holes where the dirt had not been put back in over the concrete but mostly they cleaned up OK. The fence is sound, looks good and needed no additional work from me besides minor cleanup. The only place I mark them down is there, I should not have had to do any cleanup at all

- Charles A....

Long Fence


Our appointment had been set for several weeks, when the company called the day before to reschedule for a day later. I was agreeable, however it rained a bit on the new day. They never called me to explain that they would not be coming and to reschedule. I had to call them. They said they would be out the next day. Again no shows, and again no phone call. I had to call them again. When they rescheduled it was another week later! They arrived late, and were unable to complete in one day as expected. They did return the next day and finish. Both wooden gates have had to be rebuilt due to warping, which they did do at no additional charge, however one gate is sticking and will need to be adjusted. I'd think that a professional fence company would build in appropriate clearances to accommodate the expansion and contraction of wood

- Heather P....



Barry is a very friendly, informative, and practical person to converse with and I was glad to find him on Angie's List. A tree damaged part of my chain link fence and Barry took the time to talk through the situation with me and what my best options were for resolution. I purchased the parts from him, very reasonable pricing, and will keep Mill To You's number handy for any future fencing needs. I have already referred them to friends who will be doing fence work in the future

- Brian F....

Armor Fence


It went well. The wooden fence is beautiful and amazing. The chain link is not the same quality and strength as what was originally there. The wire that runs along the bottom of the chain link was not installed correctly and after a delay of a few weeks, it got rectified. The fence installers were very tidy and cleaned up all their mess. Worked hard the entire day

- Cathy B....

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